Tasmania Route

We completed a loop around Tasmania beginning and ending in Hobart. Below you will find a breakdown of the route by each day, including an elevation chart pulled from google. Please note that the scale of both axes are inconsistent as they only show the minimum and maximum elevation for each route over the distance travelled, so visually they aren’t comparable with each other!

Also, the mileage recorded on our cycle computer often differed to that on the google route for any given day, simply because I didn’t record exact start and end points, or we went to the shops on the way adding a bit extra on!

Our route was generally dictated by places to stay along the way. We mostly used an app called Wikicamps to find suitable camping spots and mostly stayed at places with toilet facilities and running water.

Tassie route

Day 1: Hobart to Dunalley – 70km
Camped in the field behind the Dunalley Pub for free. Used toilets inside pub until it closed, plus one portaloo in the field for through the night. This spot is not on Wikicamps. Instead, there is a place on Wikicamps 3km further down the road called Sunset Beach Holiday Spot. Do not stay there – the owner is not cyclist friendly (that’s the polite version) )
Hobart - Dunalley

Day 2: Dunalley to Port Arthur – 38km
Camped at the Port Arthur Holiday Park (Big4). Big4 holiday parks are expensive for camping at $35 but facilities here are really good, with indoor equipped camp kitchen, hot showers and laundry
Dunalley - Port Arthur

Day 3: Port Arthur – 5km

Day 4: Port Arthur to Dunalley – 39km
Camped behind the pub again, and took advantage of the free snack food at happy hour! Also visited the Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed a couple of kilometres before reaching Dunalley. Highly recommend it and very affordable, YUM.
Port Arthur - Dunalley

Day 5: Dunalley to Buckland – 40km
We were going to camp in the field behind the pub for free by the public loos, but a couple of locals took us in for the night due to the weather.
Dunalley - Buckland

Day 6: Buckland to Maria Island – 27km
Camped at the campsite in Darlington, $13 per night, with coin operated hot showers $1/2mins
Buckland - Triabunna

Day 7: Maria Island – 0km

Day 8: Maria Island to Triabunna – 2km
Camped behind the pub for free, with the public loos nearby. Not a great spot but certainly passable for an overnighter.

Day 9: Triabunna to Swansea – 50km
Camped at the Swansea Holiday Park, $30. Pretty run down, but with good hot showers (although infested with mosquitoes), laundry and small camp kitchen
Triabunna - Swansea

Day 10: Swansea to Freycinet National Park – 60km
Camped at the national park campsite, $13 per night. Amazing view from camp spot, but loos weren’t great. Good cleanliness wise, but stainless steel so a bit cold! Free cold showers, no hot water available. Campsite wins on views for the price. Totally stunning. Perhaps book a few days ahead if possible as we got a very grumpy woman at the Park Info Centre telling us we were very lucky to get the last spot.
Swansea - Freycinet

Day 11: Freycinet and Coles Bay – 13km

Day 12: Freycinet National Park to Chain of Lagoons – 70km
Camped at Chain of Lagoons campsite. Awful spot for tents. Packed with caravans and barking dogs. Stunning beach nearby but didn’t do much to cheer us up given we had enjoyed stunning beach views all day. Difficult to find a spot clear of trees that may have falling branches, and very uneven rooty hard ground. Two eco toilets with no running water available. This was our only camping option between Freycinet and St. Helens and we had to stop due to horrible headwind. Go the whole stretch to St. Helens if you can and avoid camping here! Otherwise, make sure you have lots of water with you…we got caught out!
Freycinet - Chain of Lagoons

Day 13: Chain of Lagoons to St Helens – 48km
Camped at Big4 St Helens Holiday Park, $35. Uninspiring spot, but brilliant facilities. Was a treat to make use of the sofa in the big camp kitchen and enjoy hot showers in new and clean toilet block.
Chain of Lagoons - St. Helens

Day 14: St Helens – 8km

Day 15: St Helens to Weldborough – 44km
Camped behind the Weldborough Hotel, $7.50 per person. Lovely camping spot. Hot showers available for free. Food in the pub tasty, the burger was delightful.
St. Helens - Weldborough

Day 16: Weldborough to Scottsdale – 57km
Camped at free campground just as you enter the town. Packed full of campervans. Found a grassy spot for tent to one side. Very noisy from logging trucks passing through the night. Public toilets and hot shower available for $2.
Weldborough - Scottsdale

Day 17: Scottsdale to Launceston – 69km
Stayed two nights at Launceston Backpackers hostel. It was OK. Don’t understand why it tends to have such high ratings. Some staff very pleasant, others quite rude. Patronising signs all over the place. Think we preferred staying in our tent! $26 per person for mixed dorm, $60 per night for private double room.
Scottsdale - Launceston

Day 18: Launceston – 0km

Day 19: Launceston – 3km
Moved to Village Family Motor Inn for one night ($110, including continental breakfast). Lovely staff, clean room. Has an indoor pool and jacuzzi in an outhouse. Decor all very outdated, perhaps from the 80s… or 60s!

Day 20: Launceston to Deloraine – 47km
Camped at the Apex Caravan Park, $25. Nice grassy spot next to the river, with hot showers and small camp kitchen and laundry. Alarmed by the noise of the train going past metres away in the middle of the night though!
Launceston - Deloraine

Day 21: Deloraine to Gowrie Park – 59km
Camped at Gowrie Park Wilderness Village, $20. Very small camp kitchen, hot showers, laundry.
Deloraine - Gowrie Park

Day 22: Gowrie Park to Cradle Mountain – 39km
Camped at Cradle Mountain Discovery Park (Big4), $35. Big, warm and comfortable camp kitchen, hot showers, laundry.
Gowrie Park - Cradle Mountain

Day 23: Cradle Mountain – 0km

Day 24: Cradle Mountain – 0km

Day 25: Cradle Mountain to Tullah – 55km
Stayed at Tullah Lakeside Lodge in a budget room for $82 per night. Very small shop nearby with extremely limited stock. Ate at the restaurant at the lodge. Service is not a priority for staff. On one occasion after being served some scones and coffee we were basically told to eat it quickly as they wanted to close the restaurant and communal sitting areas for the day. Amazing views over Lake Rosebury went some way to making up for the shocking service.
16 Cradle Mountain - Tullah

Day 26: Tullah – 0km

Day 27: Tullah to Queenstown – 60km
Camped at Queenstown Cabin and Tourist Park, $20. Very friendly owner. Good hot showers, clean toilets, laundry. No camp kitchen but a communal room with some sofas and a kettle.
17 Tullah - Queenstown

Day 28: Queenstown to Lake Burbury – 25km
Camped at council campground, $5. Toilets and drinking water available.
18 Queenstown - Lake Burbury

Day 29: Lake Burbury to Derwent Bridge – 65km
Stayed at the Derwent Bridge Wilderness Hotel in a ‘bushwalker room’, $70. Portacabin room, with separate hot shower and toilet facilities in portacabin behind.
19 Lake Burbury - Derwent Bridge

Day 30: Derwent Bridge to Wayatinah – 55km
Camped at Wayatinah Caravan Park, $20. Lovely toilets and hot showers, laundry available. No camp kitchen but a small hut with sofas and a kettle.
20 Derwent Bridge - Wayatinah

Day 31: Wayatinah to Hamilton – 39km
Camped at council campground, $5. Clean toilets and good hot shower. Drinking water available.
21 Wayatinah - Hamilton

Day 32: Hamilton to North Hobart – 64km
Camped at Treasure Island campground. Good facilities, hot showers, camp kitchen, laundry etc. Lovely spot on the waterside with a nice view. Sadly, however smells of poo as is right beside sewage treatment plant.
22 Hamilton - North Hobart

Day 33: North Hobart to Lindisfarne, via city centre – 22km
Stayed with warm showers hosts.

Day 34: Lindisfarne – 0km

Day 35: Lindisfarne – 0km

Day 36: Lindisfarne to Snug – 38km
Camped at Snug Beach Cabin and Caravan Park, $25. Good facilities, right beside Snug beach.
23 Lindisfarne - Snug

Day 37: Snug – 0km

Day 38: Snug to Adventure Bay – 46km
Stayed with a warm showers host.
24 Snug - Adventure Bay

Day 39: Adventure Bay – 0km

Day 40: Adventure Bay to Hobart – 76km
Stayed with warm showers hosts.
25 Adventure Bay - Hobart


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