We’ve recently left our jobs in the city and are off on an adventure to see (some parts of) the world. Very little is planned; beyond the vaccinations, insurance and our first flight out of the UK, we’ve done little else than list some countries we’d like to visit and look at pretty scenic pictures of said countries. Essentially the plan is to not have too much of a plan…

That lack of a plan has since taken us to China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. We are currently in Australia and have ditched the backpacks in favour of bikes and we’re cycling a loop of Tasmania.


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  1. Hiya! I am in the pub in Buckland, and there is another bartender, he let me have a shower this morning!!! I picked a whack of blackberries and washed my bike. can you give me your e-mail address again? I think I deleted the one that was sent though WordPress. travel well!!!

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